The Questionnaire

We’re continually thinking of new ways to ask relevant questions. Engaging questions will help develop an understanding for the client’s idea.
The following questions are examples of what to expect from Keepflow’s questionnaire.

“Select a color hue(s) that best represents your brand.”
Proceeding the response, Keepflow will offer easy-to-digest choices of color schemes based on the hue(s) selected.

“Do you have a logo or brand image?”
Yes or No, if yes is selected then an option to upload an image is available.

“Are there websites or design elements that are similar to your tastes?”
Keepflow will provide text inputs to jot down website names or links including a text area for an explanation or specific aspects.
*If the client has difficulty explaining what they like about a particular website, we’ll provide tools to help as well.

“What is the purpose of this project?”
Get more inbound leads? | Quote requests? | Phone inquiries? | Increase brand awareness? | Educate their audience? | Other


“Do you have a yelp?”
Yes or No and the link to the yelp page.

“Do you have a current website?”



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