Q: Is the client (so not the designer but their client) paying something for the service?
A: The client pays nothing. The idea behind Keepflow is to keep the client happy.
During their overall experience with the designer, it’s essential to keep the client satisfied.
Happy clients result in positive reviews and referrals for the designer 😎

Q: Who did you work with to create this new company?
A: I’m only working with the co-founder, Rodrigo Leon, who is an extraordinarily talented CTO and full-stack developer who develops the back-end of Keepflow.
Otherwise, I (Mitchell Gamelin) take care of front-end design and business development.
Altogether, we are Keepflow 🙌🏻

Q: Do you track the process after the initial input of requirements– so through the development and maybe even aftercare (updates, initial conditions, latest trends, etc.)?
A: The short answer is yes the client is taken care of throughout the entirety of the process. The idea behind Keepflow is to improve communication and fix the disconnect between the designer and client throughout the entire business relationship, including aftercare.

Q: That looks great and very useful for designers to pin down what their clients need, can’t think of anything similar, did you research your competition? Is there any?
A: We performed thorough market research, and there is no competition specifically for our proprietary questionnaire concept; however, there are a few project management platforms specifically for web designers, but with less powerful feature sets than Keepflow 😉

Q: Would you expand to a similar thing for programmers? Do you think it is doable?
A: Yes! Absolutely. As Keepflow moves forward, we will continue to add a variety of professions to the platform. Programming will be one of the first to be released shortly after the launch.

Q: So upon entering the site, the client will be accorded with questions? What is the general purpose of conducting such an interview?
A: The interview questions are there to understand the needs of the client. Over the phone, interviews can lead to miscommunications and the client’s inability to articulate their idea.
That’s where Keepflow comes in. We’ll simplify the process by providing relevant examples when the client is unsure of their idea, or we can have them quickly select a color or color suggestion that best matches their brand.
These are only a few examples; however, the overall process is super simple for the client and the designer, yet technically sophisticated in the back end.

Q: Are you in line with the time frame you’ve created for the schedule starting from launch?
A: Yes, we are currently on schedule with our development timeline. If you sign up to the pre-launch, you can receive the latest updates 😄

Q: How different is Keepflow compared to other freelancer platforms?
A: Keepflow would be the only platform to include an in-depth, pre-built, dynamic, and client-friendly questionnaire. We’ll also add useful, improved versions of features found in other platforms along with additional new features.
We don’t mean to have such an ambiguous response; however, in our development phase, we need to be extra careful. 🤐

Q: What experience in the previous job inspired you to take the initiative and create an environment suited to your needs?
A: Rodrigo and I spend years working with clients and know first hand that disconnect, desynchronization and time-wasting miscommunication between clients and designers exists.

We set out to fix this problem with our existing skill sets. It became obvious to build Keepflow.

Q: Are you limiting your client to only those needing project management for designers?
A: Our initial feature set would include logo, web, and graphics designers.
Moving forward, we plan on getting in on audio design, music composition, video composition, video editing, programming and other multimedia channels.
In the future, as we build success, we will expand to a more extensive variety of professionals who engage in client-agent relationships.